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Same-Sex Marriage in the Courts

Tomorrow a Cincinnati court is set to hear five cases that challenge laws affecting same-sex marriage. Since The Defense of Marriage Act was struck down last summer, the nation has seen a flurry of legal cases on the issue, most of them ruling in its favor. We’ll talk about the Ohio cases and the country’s laws surrounding same-sex marriage.

Gay Marriage and the Courts

A federal judge recently ruled that Ohio must recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. Ohio Senator Rob Portman says he’d rather let each state’s voters decide on issues of gay marriage, but the courts may ultimately make the final rulings.

DOMA: Officially Unconstitutional

The Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling on Wednesday, when it declared a key part of the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. The court ruled that married same-sex couples should have the same federal benefits as all married couples. This hour, we’ll get the latest on the case, and hear what it means for supporters and opponents.

Carla Hale Speaks on Her Controversial Firing at Watterson School

Carla Hale, the veteran Physical Education teacher fired from Bishop Watterson High School because she admitted she is in a committed gay relationship, is taking a stand against the school and the Catholic Church. On this hour, we’ll talk about Carla Hale’s options, the legal question in this story, and the Church’s history on gay rights.

Love Supreme: Gay Marriage and the High Court

The US Supreme Court recently took up the issue of gay marriage, hearing arguments regarding the constitutionality of California’s Proposition 8 on Tuesday, and the Defense of Marriage Act on Wednesday. On this hour of All Sides, we’ll take a close look at the court’s hearings, and untangle the issue of who can tie the knot.

Supreme Court’s on Same-Sex Marriage/Tax Tips for Uncertain Times

The Supreme Court has decided to take up a few cases on same-sex marriage in America, and they will hear them in March. What could this do to Ohio’s ban on same-sex marriage and the 2013 ballot initiative to change that ban in Ohio? Then, we’ll talk about how to prepare for this tax season amidst fiscal cliff financial uncertainty in Washington

Key Legal Cases of Same-Sex Marriage in Modern American Society

A new book takes a look at the various cases of same-sex marriage in courts around the country. On this hour, we’ll take a look at the issue in our modern society.

Justice and Healing for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Jerry Sandusky, former Penn State University assistant football coach, allegedly sexually assaulted 10 boys throughout his years as a coach. As his trial continues, it is bringing up a variety of painful memories for survivors of childhood sexual abuse across the country. We’ll talk about these issues as well as other issues faced by survivors.

Gay Rights/Gay Pride Celebration in Columbus

This year’s Columbus Pride Festival is themed “Allies and Equality.” It’s obvious that Mayor Michael Coleman, along with a slew of business leaders that support the movement in backdoor ways, work around laws that still ban gay marriage and rights. On this hour of “All Sides,” we’ll hear about pride week, and talk about marriage and equality.

Freedom to Marry Movement: Two Sides

Just as lawmakers in Washington state pass legislation that would permit same sex marriage, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California affirmed a lower court ruling that abolished that state’s same sex marriage ban. We’ll hear the latest from Washington, hear from two sides of the issue and get a preview of a Columbus freedom to marry event.