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Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Partisan loyalties run deep, but a new poll shows that a large number of Ohioans don’t know enough about the state’s leaders to judge their performance. We’ll get more this hour, and we’ll discuss a new controversy surrounding gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald that he says is “sleazy.”

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

The Ohio legislature is considering a bill that would eliminate abortion coverage and many types of birth control coverage from state employee health plans. We’ll discuss the issue this hour. We’ll also take a look the goal to cut 28 percent of carbon emissions, and rules regarding school credit for religious classes.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

On this reporter roundtable, we’ll be discussing the flurry of activity surrounding same-sex marriage in Ohio, as well as the controversy over a green energy bill affecting businesses. We’ll also get the latest on the gubernatorial race and learn about a death penalty task force that would alter the state’s implementation of capital punishment.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Ohio just got some positive job news: The unemployment rate is lower than it’s been since before the recession, but are we out of the woods? This hour our panel of reporters discuss this, and other important issues including moves to combat pay inequality and eliminate the sin tax. Plus the latest on Libertarians and the May ballot.

Statehouse Reporter Roundtable

It’s a new year at the Ohio Statehouse, and like so many of us, politicians are looking to make some changes in 2014. This hour, our panel of reporters will shed some light on the political forecast for the Buckeye State, including the the fact that the race for governor is getting more crowded. Plus, we’ll hear the latest on this subzero weather.

Ohio Statehouse Reporter Roundtable

It’s fall in Ohio, which means it’s deer, turkey, and litigation season! Congressional republicans are threatening to sue Governor Kasich over Medicaid expansion, and the ACLU filed suit against Ohio for three abortion restrictions passed as part of the state’s budget. This hour our panel will examine what else is bubbling up in the statehouse.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Now that everybody’s relaxed, tan and back from summer vacation, the fun begins again! On today’s show, to help you get back into the news groove, we’re hosting a reporter roundtable. Join Ann and her panel of journalists for the latest on Medicaid, Attorney General DeWine’s committee on facial recognition software, SNAP benefit cuts and more.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable: State Budget Edition

Ohio’s newest budget will be signed on Sunday, but it’s already been hailed as “exciting and positive,” and dismissed as a “train wreck.” The $62 billion budget includes increased school funding, some income tax cuts and restrictions on abortions. This hour, our panel of reporters will offer their analysis on what’s in store for the Buckeye State.