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Farm Runoff and Ohio’s Waterways

We’re live this hour from the Chadwick Arboretum Plant Sale! Spring is when local farms kick into high gear, but the runoff from fertilizers can create big problems for Ohio’s waterways. Just last year, some of Ohio’s beaches were closed due to high algae levels. We’ll talk about how industries and individuals can embrace lower-impact agriculture.

Live Remote: Tech Tuesday- Wellness Edition

When it glues you to your chair for hours, technology can wreak a lot of health havoc, but we’re focusing on staying fit with help from gadgets. This Tech Tuesday, we’re broadcasting live from OSU’s Rally for Wellness! We’ll learn about apps that track your mood, and apps that make you move. Plus, we’ll get the latest in electronic fitness gear.

Live Remote: Rally for Wellness- Tobacco Free Campus

We’re broadcasting live today from the Rally for Wellness! Ohio State’s campus-wide tobacco ban will take effect when classes begin in a week. The university is one of almost 1,200 around the country that have outlawed tobacco on school grounds. We’ll talk to the OSU ban’s originators, and to those who aren’t sure it will make a healthier campus.