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Wellness Wednesday: Study Round-Up, Doctor Bias, Fitness News

Pot heads are surely giddy over a recent study which found that marijuana smokers are significantly thinner than abstainers. This hour we’ll take a closer look at that, and other recent medical findings. Then we’ll discuss why disabled and obese patients get a lower quality of care, and get the scoop on the benefits of running vs. walking.

Wellness Wednesday: Med Study Wrap-up, Hospital Health, Exercise

This hour of Wellness Wednesday, we’ll talk to a Cleveland doctor who oversaw a 90 percent reduction in exam room bacteria. We’ll also hear from a health reporter about her latest articles on lullabies, organic food and more. Last, we’ll talk to our exercise expert whose new myth-busting book gives the skinny on running.

Wellness Wednesday: Creativity, Lynch Syndrome, Newborn Care

In this episode of Wellness Wednesday, we’ll hear shocking new research that shows how a bolt of electricity can improve creativity. We’ll also learn about Lynch Syndrome, an inherited cancer of the digestive tract. And finally, we’ll talk to the author of a book about the importance of a baby’s first three months of life, or “fourth trimester.”