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Congressman Pat Tiberi/ Libya Endgame & The Future of Syria

First, on “All Sides,” a conversation with Congressman Pat Tiberi. Then, what’s going on with Libya… and how could this potentially effect Syria next?

Ken Rudin, NPR Political Junkie, Talks Politics

There’s so much going on in the nation, from national debt ceiling negotiations, the retirement of Robert Gates, the reverbs from Ohio abortion legislation, Libya, Afghanistan and MORE, that we needed a show with Ken Rudin, NPR’s Political Junkie.

Arab Spring/ Freedom Riders

It’s be a season of struggle in many Arab Nations. We’ll discuss further how these countries are fighting to achieve democracy. Then, an exploration of another fight, one for Civil Rights in the U.S., as we focus on the era of the “Freedom Riders.”

NPR’s Ken Rudin Discusses Libya and the Budget Battles in D.C.

NPR’s Political Junkie, Ken Rudin, discusses President Obama’s decision to bomb Libya, the continuing budget battles in Congress, and a possible shutdown of the federal government.

Local and National Reaction to the Bombing of Libya

Hear local and national reaction to the U.S. bombing in Libya

NPR’s Ken Rudin Talks About Public Employees and Libya

NPR’s Ken Rudin talks about political uprisings in Libya, public employee protests around the U.S., and a possible shut down of the federal government if Congress can’t reach a budget deal.

Analysis of the Libyan Uprising

An analysis of the history and political context of the Libyan uprising