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Low Times in Motown: Detroit Files for Bankruptcy

Last week, the city of Detroit filed for bankruptcy. The city’s population is currently about a third of what it was in 1950, the unemployment rate is over twice the national average, and its debt has grown into the hundreds of millions. This hour we’ll see what’s next for Detroit and look at the history of cities in the red.

Infrastructure: Are we making the grade?

The recent collapse of the I-5 bridge in Washington State shined a spotlight on the country’s aging infrastructure. Since the recession, funding for bridges has dropped steeply, and fixing them would cost an estimated $20 billion. We’ll discuss the balance of safety and spending, and how long our functionally obsolete structures will stand.

Regionalism; Repealing Estate Tax

“Regionalism,” combining government entities, or sharing functions among government entities, as a possible governance reform and cost saving measure, and two points of view about H.B. 3, the proposed repeal of the Ohio Estate Tax.