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The Latest News from the Statehouse/ “Rain, Rain, Go Away”

We’ll discuss the latest that’s going on in the capital city with a Statehouse News correspondent and Dayton Daily News Reporter. Then- rain, rain, will it ever go away? A talk about the weather.

The Impact of SB5; The Civil War Turns 150

Reporter Laura Bischoff discusses the economic and political impact of SB5; the causes and legacy of the Civil War, now 150 years old

Governor’s Debate Preview

A preview of the second and final debate between the candidates for Ohio Governor.

2010 Election Updates

An update and overview of the 2010 political campaign in Ohio

Ohio Statehouse News

An update of legislation in the Ohio General Assembly

Challenges of Life after Prison

Challenges faced by ex-offenders after prison, programs to help them successfully re-enter society, and ex-offenders who turned their lives around and were granted pardons by the governor

Ohio Politics

Ohio politics in the news