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Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine came under scrutiny recently for doling out lucrative collections contracts to friends of his campaign. A recent federal court ruling could put Obamacare state subsidies in jeopardy, and a new bill would require all Ohio companies to cover the full range of contraceptives. We’ll learn more this hour.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Cleveland was just announced as the host city of the 2016 RNC Convention, beating out Dallas for the bid. This hour, we’ll talk about what kind of boost Cleveland can expect, and what the choice means for the next presidential election. We’ll also discuss what’s on this November’s ballot, the race for Ohio’s governor, and more.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Ohio Senator Rob Portman gave a major speech recently, outlining a “constructive conservative” approach to fight poverty. This hour, we’ll talk about the response to Portman’s plan. We’ll also discuss a new gun bill allowing non-Ohio residents to carry a concealed weapon in the state, and get the latest in the race for governor.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Governor Kasich released his first TV ad last week and President Clinton is headed to Ohio in June to stump for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald. We’ll discuss if it’s the boost he needs, and more about the latest state news.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

This hour, our panel of reporters discuss the latest Ohio news. Medicaid has 50,000 new enrollees; the Ohio Senate is considering a measure requiring all doctors to use a prescription reporting system; and the House Speaker has his doubts about the governor’s fracking tax hike. We’ll talk about those stories and more.

Statehouse Reporter Roundtable

Our panel of Ohio Statehouse reporters will discuss the latest political news and look to the week ahead. We’ll talk about about the polling on the governor’s race, and why a balanced federal budget has become an issue for one of the candidates.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

With new proposals to re-introduce Medicaid expansion, exempt the Masons from taxes, and ban “gateway sexual activity” education, there’s plenty for our Ohio Reporter Roundtable to talk about. This hour of All Sides we’ll take a close look at the issues in the news, and discuss everything from the Adena Pipe to nursing home quality control.

Ohio Statehouse Reporter Roundtable

The Statehouse is busy this time of year. On this hour, we’ll talk about the latest news from the Ohio General Assembly.

Reporter Roundtable on the Lame Duck Session

It’s that time of year again: the lame duck session where some lawmakers are leaving and new faces will take their seats. This time is can be one of the most productive times of the year. On this hour, we’ll talk about what is left to be done on the state and national level.

Statehouse News Update

Over the last 18 months, the Republican controlled Ohio general assembly worked on a wide range of issues, from the 3rd grade reading guarantee to helping ex-offenders after prison. Governor John Kasich praised lawmakers last week for their efforts.