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Ohio Reporter Roundtable

On this week’s reporter roundtable, we’re talking about what’s in the news and on your mind. Republican governor John Kasich could face several challengers this fall– from his political left and right. We’ll get an update on how the race is shaping up, a look at why what’s hampering Columbus’ snow removal efforts this season, and more.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Though it is not official yet, Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune says he still plans to run in the democratic primary for governor. This hour, our Ohio reporter panel will examine his chances and look at the strategy Ohio Democrats plan to use in this year’s campaign.

The Changing Face of Summer School

The phrase “summer school” can instill fear and loathing in school-aged kids. Historically, it’s been oriented towards remediation–catching up the kids who fall behind. But recently summer school has gotten something of a facelift, and now kids are taking summer classes to get ahead. In this hour we’ll take a look at how summer school has changed

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

With new proposals to re-introduce Medicaid expansion, exempt the Masons from taxes, and ban “gateway sexual activity” education, there’s plenty for our Ohio Reporter Roundtable to talk about. This hour of All Sides we’ll take a close look at the issues in the news, and discuss everything from the Adena Pipe to nursing home quality control.

Ohio Statehouse Reporter Roundtable

The Statehouse is busy this time of year. On this hour, we’ll talk about the latest news from the Ohio General Assembly.

Reporter Roundtable on Ohio General Assembly’s Lame Duck Session

It’s that time of year, when politicians are in flux for a new session in statehouses around the country. However, these times tend to be most productive due to the various end of the year deadlines. On this hour, we’re talking about the upcoming news in Ohio’s General Assembly.

Update on Ohio Political News

Kasich held his annual State of the State address yesterday in Steubenville… So what will be up next for the Ohio Statehouse? Our panel will update you on all Ohio political news.

Update on Ohio Political News

Ohio has always been a battleground state. Ohio politics is covered by national news sources. On this hour of “All Sides,” we’ll discuss the upcoming primaries and other hot topics in Ohio politics.

Statehouse News Panel Roundtable

Join us this hour on All Sides as we discuss news in the statehouse, and around the state.

Ohio Lawmakers Consider Bills Eliminating Labor Unions, Most Abortions, and Estate Tax

Legislation being considered in the Ohio General Assembly, including bills to kill the estate tax, ban most abortions, and eliminate collective bargaining for state workers