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Foreign Reporting: Dangers and Rewards

Earlier this week, an Al Qaeda affiliate released American journalist Theo Curtis. This news comes just after the tragic death of reporter James Foley. We’ll look at how the current global climate has changed foreign reporting, and we’ll talk to a veteran journalist who’s reported from the killing fields of Cambodia to the mountains of Afghanistan

Tech Tuesday: Driverless Car Law, Drone Journalism, Gadgets

Cars that drive themselves and drones that bring us the news may seem like things you’d see in a science fiction movie, but they are very real in today’s society. On this week’s Tech Tuesday, we’ll look at how new technologies are standing up to established laws and catch up on the latest gadgets.

Ohio Reporter Joe Hallett Retires

For forty-two years Joe Hallett has brought breaking news to his readers, but time flies when you’re staring down a deadline, and he’s decided to call it quits. Mostly. This hour we’ll give Joe a warm radio sendoff and take a look at his northwest Ohio roots and the career that took him around the world.

The Way It Is: Life and Times of Walter Cronkite

From his announcement of President Kennedy’s death, to his introduction of the Beatles to the U.S., to his coverage of the Tet Offensive, journalist Walter Cronkite left an indelible mark on the news world and on the country’s consciousness. We’ll talk to Cronkite’s grandson and to his biographer about the iconic broadcaster’s wartime years.

Journalistic Ethics

The journalistic ethics issues raised by NPR’s dismissal of news analyst Juan Williams.

‘Late Edition’ / The Plight of Columbus’ Peregrine Flacon

Bob Greene talks about working for the Columbus Citizen-Journal, and the plight of peregrine falcons nesting in downtown Columbus

The Future of Journalism

The future of journalism and news organizations in the U.S.

“Miracle on Ice” U.S. Hockey Team

The 1980 “Miracle on Ice” U.S. hockey team, and their legendary hockey coach Herb Brooks

Failing Journalism Industry Crisis

The current crisis in journalism, and possible solutions

CBS Contributing Correspondent Byron Pitts

CBS “60 Minutes” Contributing Correspondent Byron Pitts talks about overcoming a childhood filled with obstacles to achieve enormous success as a journalist