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Wellness Wednesday: Low Sugar, Brain Outreach, Wine News

The World Health Organization is now recommending that we limit our added sugar intake to between 6 and 12 teaspoons a day. We’ll talk about the new recommendations and ways in which you can limit your sugar intake. We’ll also look at Brain Awareness Week. And, to cap off the hour, we’ll take another look at the disputed health effects of wine.

Wellness Wednesday: Stroke Game, Dinnertime Survival, News Roundup

Mother’s Day is Sunday; can we ever make up for the tantrums we threw at the dinner table? We’ll talk about how to feed the family and keep our sanity with solutions to common mealtime dilemmas. We’ll also learn about a new stroke therapy that is effective and fun, and can be done at home. Then it’s a look at multi-vitamins, DNA and more.

Wellness Wednesday: Caffeine, Cycling, Evidence-Based Medicine

About 63 million Americans start the day with a cup of coffee, and most of them suffer no ill effects. But the caffeine in our beverages has real health consequences. This hour we’ll take a look at the US’s most popular and least regulated drug. Then we’ll see how cycling stacks up as a way to get fit, and get the latest on evidence-based medicine

Wellness Wednesday: Alzheimer’s Test, Taft’s Fats, Obamacare

Over 5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s, and for many people over 50, a forgotten phone number can feel like the beginning of a long decline. We’ll talk about a test to help detect the early symptoms of cognitive decline. We’ll also compare President Taft’s weight loss struggles with our own, and get the latest on the rollout of Obamacare.

Wellness Wednesday: Cancer Nano Drug, MDMA, Leaky Guts

You’ve heard of a security leak and a faucet leak, but doctors are atwitter with talk of the gut leak. It’s been blamed for a host of afflictions including diabetes and autism. We’ll take a close look this hour. But first, we’ll learn about a new cancer drug that can cross the blood brain barrier, and hear the dangers and promises of rave drug MDMA

Wellness Wednesday: LGBT Health, Dental Shortage, Medical Round-Up

Oral health is a strong indicator of overall health, but Ohio’s rural areas are facing a major dental shortage. This hour we’ll examine the disparity in dental care, access and explore a solution. We’ll also celebrate Pride Month, and talk to Columbus’ new LGBTQ Health Advocate. Then we’ll learn why a little altruism can keep your heart pumping.

Wellness Wednesday: Salt, Genetics, Arsenic

If you’re like millions of Americans, you’ve made some sort of promise to yourself this new year: to eat smarter, exercise more and pay more attention to your health. In the spirit of all that, we are introducing a new show every Wednesday dedicated to wellness.

The Latest in Health and Medical News

Back-to-school season is as good as any to jump start your new diet and exercise routine. On this hour, we’ll give you some of the latest health tips.

The Latest in Health and Medical News

On this hour of “All Sides,” we’ll give you all the updates on the latest in the world of health and medicine.