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Ohio’s Proposed Parent Trigger Act

Governor Kasich’s proposed budget includes an education reform provision giving parents the power to “trigger” changes in an underperforming school when at least 50% of parents sign a petition. Would this reform be effective?

The Impact of SB5; The Civil War Turns 150

Reporter Laura Bischoff discusses the economic and political impact of SB5; the causes and legacy of the Civil War, now 150 years old

Restructuring Medicaid; Surfers in Cleveland

Greg Moody talks about Governor Kasich’s plans to restructure Medicaid in Ohio; and a new documentary explores the underground surfing community of Cleveland

Karen Kasler and a Budget Issues-Open Forum

Special open forum to discuss Governor Kasich’s proposed budget


Will Governor Kasich’s plan to privatize the Ohio Department of Development bring more jobs to Ohio?

Privatizing Ohio’s Prisons

The pros and cons of proposal to outsource prison administration to private corporations in Ohio.

Ohio State Budgeting System

Changes to Ohios’ budgeting system and agency operations.

Interview with Richard Cordray; Passenger Rail

A conversation with outgoing Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray about his accomplishments in office; and Governor John Kasich’s plans for passenger rail.

Governor’s Debate Preview

A preview of the second and final debate between the candidates for Ohio Governor.

Ohio Gubernatorial Debate

The results of the Ohio gubernatorial debate.