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Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Governor John Kasich will deliver his State of the State address Monday evening, but not everybody agrees on how Ohio is faring. This hour we’ll take a look on the issues he’s likely to address. Plus a discussion of all the topics important to the Buckeye State.

Ohio Statehouse Reporter Roundtable

It’s fall in Ohio, which means it’s deer, turkey, and litigation season! Congressional republicans are threatening to sue Governor Kasich over Medicaid expansion, and the ACLU filed suit against Ohio for three abortion restrictions passed as part of the state’s budget. This hour our panel will examine what else is bubbling up in the statehouse.

Presidential Hopefuls 2016: A Kasich White House?

A bit like Christmas, election season seems to come earlier every year. But recently there was news that Ohio governor John Kasich may throw his hat into the presidential ring. Some pundits think he’s got the blend of Conservative values and Liberal policies missing from the GOP. This hour we’ll get an early look at how the 2016 race is shaping up

Ohio Reporter Roundtable: State Budget Edition

Ohio’s newest budget will be signed on Sunday, but it’s already been hailed as “exciting and positive,” and dismissed as a “train wreck.” The $62 billion budget includes increased school funding, some income tax cuts and restrictions on abortions. This hour, our panel of reporters will offer their analysis on what’s in store for the Buckeye State.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Ohio governor John Kasich wrote an op-ed recently urging Ohioans–in the name of President Reagan– to support the proposed expansion of Medicaid. This hour we’ll get the latest news on that debate as well as an update on Right to Work legislation, and review State Auditor Yost’s views on business vs. friendship.

Wrap-up of Ohio Governor John Kasich’s State of the State Address

Last night, Ohio Gov. John Kasich gave his third State of the State address. What did you think? How did it go?

Discussion of the Governor’s Tax Proposal

Last week, Ohio Gov. John Kasich released his budget proposal which includes tax cuts for small businesses and a lowering of the state income tax. On this hour, we’ll discuss the details of the proposal.

Governor Kasich’s New School Funding Plan

Ohio Governor John Kasich announced his new plan for school funding in a conference Thursday evening. On this hour, we’ll discuss the new plan and its implications for Ohio’s educational future.

Statehouse News Update

Over the last 18 months, the Republican controlled Ohio general assembly worked on a wide range of issues, from the 3rd grade reading guarantee to helping ex-offenders after prison. Governor John Kasich praised lawmakers last week for their efforts.

Kasich’s “Third Grade Reading Guarantee”/Public Health Worldwide

Governor Kasich is proposing a new policy requiring elementary students read at grade level by the end of 3rd grade, but not providing increased funding to schools. Will it help Ohio’s school children? On the last segment, Erin Brockovich herself will talk about her advocacy to prevent environmental threats and protect public health worldwide.