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Ed FitzGerald and the Race for Governor

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald trails Ohio governor John Kasich by a sizable margin in the polls. Despite Kasich’s lead and larger campaign war chest, FitzGerald is confident the support will ramp up as election day nears. We’ll sit down with the Democratic contender to talk about his campaign strategy.

Primary Colors: GOP races and Tea Party challengers

Primary day is here, and we haven’t seen tons of attack ads. But that doesn’t mean all’s quiet in the Buckeye State. Today we’ll take a look at Ohio’s primary system, and examine the threat the Tea Party poses to GOP incumbents this year. We’ll also discuss why electoral excitement is low, and what states can do to boost turnout.

A Recap and Fact Check of the First Presidential Election Debate

Last night was the first Presidential Election Debate. Did you watch? Who won? Will it have any effect on your vote this November? On this hour, we’ll give you a recap and fact check of the event.

Special Preview of the Democratic National Convention

On this hour, we’ll give you a special rundown and discussion of the 2012 Democratic National Convention starting Tuesday in Charlotte, NC. Ann will host a panel to provide the highlights of the Convention.

Presidential Politics: A Discussion of the Romney/Ryan Campaign

GOP Presumptive Presidential nominee Mitt Romney has finally announced his Vice Presidential candidate: Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan. On this hour, we’ll talk a close look at the 2012 Presidential Election as we analyze Romney’s decision and the decision’s effect on his campaign.

Steubenville Hosts State Address/What is the State of the State?

The city of Steubenville has been chosen by Governor John Kasich to host the State of the State address… Why Steubenville? And how will this help the city? Then, before we hear the Governor’s State of the State address, what are the issues and what are conditions in different regions of the state?

History of Public Employee Collective Bargaining in Ohio

On Election Day, Ohio voters will get their chance to weigh in on Senate Bill 5, the new law that limits collective bargaining rights of public employees and bans public employees from striking.In this hour of All Sides, learn about the history behind Senate Bill five with two veteran journalists and a history scholar.