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Voting Laws in Ohio: An Update on Possible Restrictions

Six days may not seem like much, but when elections are involved, every day counts. Several bills aimed at changing voting in Ohio, one of which cuts the early voting period from 35 to 29 days, are up for a vote in the Ohio House next week. This hour, we’ll discuss the reasoning behind the proposed changes and how these changes may affect voters.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Ohio lawmakers vow to close loopholes to protect whistle blowers; fracking companies are up in arms about a new proposed severance tax; John Kasich wants to reduce the income tax to below 4 percent. In this hour’s roundtable, we’ll talk about what’s happening at the capitol and beyond.

Prospects for Ohio’s “Stand Your Ground” Law

Last Wednesday Ohio moved one step closer to a “stand your ground” law. Despite protests, the House approved a bill that would eliminate the “duty to retreat” requirement, streamline background checks and reduce training requirements. This hour we’ll examine the likelihood of Senate approval, and what a law like this might look like if it passed.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

With new proposals to re-introduce Medicaid expansion, exempt the Masons from taxes, and ban “gateway sexual activity” education, there’s plenty for our Ohio Reporter Roundtable to talk about. This hour of All Sides we’ll take a close look at the issues in the news, and discuss everything from the Adena Pipe to nursing home quality control.

Wrap-up of Ohio Governor John Kasich’s State of the State Address

Last night, Ohio Gov. John Kasich gave his third State of the State address. What did you think? How did it go?

Discussion of the Governor’s Tax Proposal

Last week, Ohio Gov. John Kasich released his budget proposal which includes tax cuts for small businesses and a lowering of the state income tax. On this hour, we’ll discuss the details of the proposal.

Pros and Cons of Ohio Issue 2/China in Political Campaigns

At issue on the November ballot is Ohio Issue 2: who decides which districts you live in, how they’re drawn and who will represent you. Then, the issue of China has been risen this year repeatedly in the debates and on the campaign trail. On the last segment, we’ll talk about the presence of China as a talking point in political campaigns.

Statehouse News Update

Over the last 18 months, the Republican controlled Ohio general assembly worked on a wide range of issues, from the 3rd grade reading guarantee to helping ex-offenders after prison. Governor John Kasich praised lawmakers last week for their efforts.

Statehouse News Update

The Ohio House has passed an exotic animal regulation bill in response to the Zanesville incident, Kasich’s third grade reading guarantee is still up for debate and much more is going on in Ohio politics. On this hour of “All Sides,” we’ll give you an update on Statehouse News.

Efforts to Ban Puppy Mills and Dog Auctions in Ohio/Open Forum

Puppy mills and dog auctions automatically receive a bad reputation because most consider their treatment of dogs inhumane.Two local initiatives are trying to put a stop to them both, but how? Then, what are the issues in the news? What’s going on? This segment of “All Sides” is dedicated to caller voices, so get your calls in early!