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Efforts to Ban Puppy Mills and Dog Auctions in Ohio/Open Forum

Puppy mills and dog auctions automatically receive a bad reputation because most consider their treatment of dogs inhumane.Two local initiatives are trying to put a stop to them both, but how? Then, what are the issues in the news? What’s going on? This segment of “All Sides” is dedicated to caller voices, so get your calls in early!

Update on Ohio Political News

Ohio has always been a battleground state. Ohio politics is covered by national news sources. On this hour of “All Sides,” we’ll discuss the upcoming primaries and other hot topics in Ohio politics.

Update on Ohio’s Redistricting/Mediation to Prevent Violence

In the first segment, will Ohio’s politicians ever come to a conclusion for Ohio’s Congressional districts? Then we talk to the people behind the documentary “The Interrupters,” the film that follows the preventative measures being taken in Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods to prevent street violence.

Impact of State Budget Cuts on School Funding

What will the impact of budget cuts to school-districts mean for education in Ohio?

Ohio’s Budget: What’s In It? What’s Been Cut?

At 7:56 p.m. last Thursday, Gov. John Kasich’s signature put Ohio’s new two-year budget into effect. What is in the final budget, and how it will shape the state for the next two years?

Ohio Politics Update

The latest in Ohio politics

Ohio Politics Update

The latest in Ohio politics