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Statehouse Reporter Roundtable

In this week’s Reporters Roundtable, we take a look at the ongoing Buckeye Lake issue, as well as traffic cameras, President Obama’s visit to Cleveland, changes to the Charter School Bill, and more.

Reforming Ohio’s Charter School Oversight

Ohio charter schools are here to stay, but the way they are governed is changing. Last week, state auditor Dave Yost told lawmakers that the system overseeing charters is broken. This hour we’ll take a closer look at proposed measures meant to increase transparency and accountability of these publicly funded, privately governed schools.

Ohio Statehouse Reporter Roundtable

It seemed too good to be true–and it turned out it was. Columbus was passed over for the Democratic National Convention. In this week’s roundtable we talk about why Columbus was not chosen, as well as the tax quiz you might have to study up for to get your returns.

Common Core: What it Means for Students and Teachers

Starting this school year, Ohio teachers and students are working with a new set of educational standards called the Common Core. Proponents say it helps students learn to think critically. But opponents fear a loss of teacher autonomy. We’ll learn what the Common Core is– and isn’t– and weigh what it means for Ohio students and educators.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

There’s nothing dull about Ohio’s political scene this August. Join our reporter roundtable today for a discussion of the various issues affecting the Buckeye State.

Repealing the Common Core

The new school year is just around the corner, and Ohio plans to align its standardized tests with the Common Core curriculum. Opponents see this as a federal takeover of public education and are working to pass a bill eliminating the Core. This hour we’ll hear from both sides, and discuss the future of standardized education in Ohio.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Democratic gubernatorial nominee, Ed Fitzgerald, launched his first ad aimed at the working class last week. He said Governor Kasich’s tax cuts only help the wealthy, and “Ohio is meant for all of us.” We’ll discuss the governor’s race, the misconduct investigation into a chain of charter schools, and what LeBron James’ return means for Cleveland.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald recently unveiled an energy plan, including a stand against an oil and gas severance tax increase. Democrats could benefit from an emerging voting bloc of unmarried women, but it’s unclear what that will mean in November. We’ll get the latest on the race to the statehouse, and more Ohio news.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

The Ohio legislature is considering a bill that would eliminate abortion coverage and many types of birth control coverage from state employee health plans. We’ll discuss the issue this hour. We’ll also take a look the goal to cut 28 percent of carbon emissions, and rules regarding school credit for religious classes.

Ohio Reporter Roundtable

This hour, our panel of reporters discuss the latest Ohio news. Medicaid has 50,000 new enrollees; the Ohio Senate is considering a measure requiring all doctors to use a prescription reporting system; and the House Speaker has his doubts about the governor’s fracking tax hike. We’ll talk about those stories and more.