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Tax Preparation 2013

Get ready, folks: The taxman cometh. Arguably the less gloomy of life’s two inevitabilities, taxes are confusing, time-consuming and absolutely unavoidable. But this hour of All Sides will keep you sane as the deadline approaches. We’ll get live help from three of Ohio’s tax pros, who know what to deduct, who’s exempt and when to rollover.

Tax Tips for Filing Your 2011 Tax Returns

We get it… Taxes are confusing. Everyone wants to know how they can save the most money during tax season. On this hour of “All Sides,” Ann hosts a panel of experts to give you tips to save money and answer all of your tax questions.

End of the Year Tax Tips

Tax season is not exactly everyone’s favorite season of the year. However, we’ll tell you a few ways to save money by using the remaining days of 2011 to your advantage.