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State of the Union Recap: Upward Mobility Edition

If you watched the State of the Union address, you may have heard a pretty confident Commander-in-Chief. Obama addressed many issues including restoring upward mobility. He also said he’d expand opportunity with or without congressional help. This hour we’ll look at the speech, and Obama’s plans for his last two years in office.

Government Shutdown: How we got here and what’s next?

The government is shut down, at least partially. House Republicans insist the new spending bill contain anti-Obamacare measures, and Democrats are insistent that it not. This hour we’ll examine this deja vu moment, and discuss what happens to employees, services, and the economy when Washington turns off the lights.

Wrap-Up of President Obama’s State of the Union Address

President Barack Obama last night gave his State of the Union address to Congress and other special guests. This hour, we’ll wrap-up what he said and give predictions for the new year in national politics.

Open Forum: Election Results

Join the open forum and talk about the election results.

Special Preview of the Democratic National Convention

On this hour, we’ll give you a special rundown and discussion of the 2012 Democratic National Convention starting Tuesday in Charlotte, NC. Ann will host a panel to provide the highlights of the Convention.

The Politics Behind the Federal Budget

The federal debt, unfortunately, continues to grow each minute. On this hour, we’ll look past the rhetoric surrounding the issue and look at the real numbers.

Redistricting and Ohio Politics in the News

It is without a doubt campaign season, and the Buckeye State is at the forefront of numerous political issues around the nation. Everything from HB-194, to SB-5, to redistricting.

In this hour we’ll talk to a triplet of political experts about Ohio politics.

The Federal Government Faces a Shutdown

The federal government faces a possible shutdown after Friday April 8 unless Congress agrees to a budget compromise.

Drunk Driving Accidents

The aftereffects—forty years later—on the survivors of a drunk driving car accident in which four people died and two were terribly injured