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A Guide to the IRS Tea Party Controversy

Last Wednesday, Steven Miller, the acting commissioner of the IRS, resigned when news broke that the organization had unfairly scrutinized Tea Party groups filing for tax-exempt status. Since then, more questions have been asked than answered. This hour, we’ll shed some light on this murky issue and find out what’s important, and what’s bluster.

Political Scuttlebutt with Ken Rudin

Feeling overwhelmed by current events? This hour on All Sides, we’re joined by NPR’s Political Junkie, Ken Rudin, who’ll help us sort out the latest scandals, coups, reforms, and maybe even a few achievements. From Benghazi to immigration to the IRS, we’ll gain some insight into the stories behind recent headlines.

End of the Year Tax Tips

Tax season is not exactly everyone’s favorite season of the year. However, we’ll tell you a few ways to save money by using the remaining days of 2011 to your advantage.

Last-Minute Tax Advice

As the April 18 income tax deadline approaches, we’ll hear last minute tax advice, with AARP Regional Tax Aide Leader Bruce Gelsinger and Ohio Society of CPAs tax advisor Mary McVicar CPA.