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Tech Tuesday: Flipped Classroom, Gangs Online, Fake Fingers

By now kids are back in the school groove, but Imagine if school happened at home, and homework happened at school. This hour we’ll hear about the “flipped classroom,” where kids watch lectures online, and then meet with teachers for projects and practice. Then it’s a look at online gang violence and the trouble with iphone fingerprint recognition.

Tech Tuesday: Social Media Monitoring, Self-Driving Cars, iPhone

Most school officials would do anything to stop cyber bullying, but how far is too far? This hour we’ll look at a California district using a tech company to monitor students’ social media activity. And we’ll examine the scariest part of a self-driving car: When a human takes over. Plus it’s new gadget info on the iPhone 5 and more.

Tech Tuesday: Alarm Clocks, Remote Controlled K-9, iPhone Buzz

Rise and shine, sleepyheads! Getting up’s not easy, but it is customized now with alarm clocks that soothe, cajole and even curse. This hour we’ll get a rundown of the best apps and gadgets to drag you out of bed. We’ll also learn about how technology attached to your pooch could help save lives, and a rundown of the big news from Apple.