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Political Sex Scandals that Changed History

This hour, leaders in the White House and their sexual peccadilloes… and how private affairs affect national decisions, with author and Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt.

The History and Behavior of ‘Wicked Bugs’

Overlooked but not out-numbered: A look at bugs throughout the course of history.

The Ohio State University: Its Proud History and Traditions

“Oh come let’s sing Ohio’s praise,” as we explore the rich past of The Ohio State University.

Ohio’s Greatest Hiking Adventures

It’s time to lace up your boots and explore Ohio, on foot. More on the Buckeye State’s unique hiking trails that will expose you to the great outdoors of Ohio.

Casino is on Hold; A Gladiator Graveyard is Discovered

An annexation dispute has the Columbus casino on hold; and an archeologist talks about the discovery of a gladiator graveyard in England

The Impact of SB5; The Civil War Turns 150

Reporter Laura Bischoff discusses the economic and political impact of SB5; the causes and legacy of the Civil War, now 150 years old

The Story Behind The King’s Speech; Powerful Compelling Stories

Learn the true story of the friendship between King George VI of England and Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue; and how creating compelling stories can persuade others to support a vision, dream, or cause

Author Daniel Rasmussen and the Largest Slave Uprising

The previously-untold story of America’s largest slave revolt that nearly toppled New Orleans and changed the course of American history, with author and historian Daniel Rasmussen.