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Science-Based Nutrition to Maintain Health and Treat Disease

The Mayo Clinic Diet is a new science-based weight loss plan that emphasizes lifelong healthy habits. Join us on this hour of “All Sides” to discuss its requirements and benefits.

The Paleolithic Diet: Caught in the Stone Age?

Some people are choosing to emulate the dietary habits of our ancient ancestors– raw foods, meats, nuts and berries. It’s called the paleolithic – or caveman — diet. Is it easier? Is it healthy? And can it work on modern humans?

Pet Health: Answers to Your Pet Ailment Questions

Is there something plaguing your pet? Answers to questions about caring for your pet’s health.

Alternative Medical Therapies for Wellness and Prevention

Discover the supplements that could help you live a healthier life. We’ll discuss other alternative medicines worth your exploration besides the well-known Vitamin C.