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Tech Tuesday: Net Neutrality, Facebook Ads, Gadgets

Politics might make strange bedfellows, but the NAACP has sided with Verizon over the issue of net neutrality. The group feels minorities could benefit from the oversight of the tech giants. We’ll learn more this hour, along with some news on Facebook’s new targeted advertising initiative, and the latest on a text-proof cell phone for the car.

Tech Tuesday: Net Neutrality, Hacking Hospitals, Gadgets

Most people know hackers can steal bank numbers and personal information, but what about hijacking your morphine pump or defibrillator? We’ll discuss a new study finding lax hospital security is imperiling patient safety. We’ll also talk about new rules regarding net neutrality and its effects on users. Plus we’ll get the latest in gadgetry.

Tech Tuesday: Hacker Trial, Tinkering, Wireless Lobby

Years ago, being a tinker was a viable career choice. It’s tougher today, but that doesn’t mean tinkering is dead. This hour we’ll talk to a tinkerer about the great stuff amateurs can make with a few tools and a little ingenuity. We’ll also get the latest on the trial of an email hacker, and news on the battle of the wireless frequencies.

Tech Tuesday: Legal Tech Cases, Black Market Cell Phone, Gadgets

We’ve all heard of Colombian drug cartels, but now there are Colombian smartphone cartels, stealing cell phones in Miami and flying them to Bogota. This hour we’ll talk about this $30 billion worldwide market, and its often tragic consequences. We’ll also get a look at the latest legal cases involving technology, and the newest tech gadgets.

Tech Tuesday: Online Black Markets, Futurism, Gadgets

Oh, what will become of us? Futurist magazine recently chose its 10 most important global predictions, and if you like passenger pigeons and global warming, you’re in luck. This hour we’ll get the rest of the list. We’ll also learn about the shutdown of Silk Road, an infamous online black market, and discuss the newest trends in gadgetry.

Tech Tuesday: Mars Rover, Meat Hacking, Stolen Smartphones

The food industry has long been run by a few enormous companies, but technology is democratizing meat, which is good news for all steakholders. We’ll hear more about how food advocates and tech nerds are collaborating. We’ll also get the latest on the rover NASA will send to Mars in 2020, and learn about the market for stolen smartphones.