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Tech Tuesday: Garden Tech, Patent Trolls and Gadgets

Trolls no longer just lurk under bridges and harass billy goats; these days they lurk on the internet and sue companies for patent infringement. This hour, we’ll learn what the FTC is doing to stop patent trolls from preying on technology companies. We’ll also hear about a new app to help beginning gardeners, and we’ll get the latest gadget news.

Gardening with Debra Knapke

With summer on it’s way out and fall just around the corner, what is the best solution to keeping your garden perfect?

Summer Gardening with the Garden Sage, Debra Knapke

What should you be planting right now? What work needs to be done to ensure a healthy summer garden? Find out this hour from Ohio’s ‘Garden Sage.’

Landscaping with Native Ohio Plants

Using Ohio native plants in residential landscaping