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Tech Tuesday: Road Trip Apps, NSA Surveillance, Gadgets

At this point it’s well known that the NSA has partnered with Verizon and large internet outlets to gather data, but the actual mechanics of the gathering remain vague. This hour, we’ll shine some light on PRISM- the NSA’s data-mining partnership. We’ll also learn the best apps for a summer road trip, and get the latest in gadgetry.

Tech Tuesday: Click to Pray, Kids’ Apps, Gadgets

Mega pastor Joel Osteen preaches on television, through his best-selling books, and now he’s saving souls on Twitter. This hour, we’ll examine the ways social media is changing the (inter-) face of Christianity. Then we’ll learn about the latest apps for kids, including interactive folktales. Last, our gadget guru will highlight his latest findings

Tech Tuesday: Tracking Meteors, Assistive Technology, and Gadgetry

This week on Tech Tuesday, join us for a discussion with a NASA representative on how they’re using social media to track meteors. Then, we’ll consider the latest in technology that assists disabled, and the latest in tech gadgetry.

Tech Tuesday: Social Media, Consumerism and Gadgetry

Millions of people texted, Facebooked, Tweeted, or used other social media sites to discuss their opinions of Sunday’s Super Bowl, whether or not the post was actually about football. Then, we’ll talk about online security and how to keep yourself safe. Finally, we’ll talk about some new gadgets that are hitting the market.

Tech Tuesday: “Connected Cars,” Consumer Technology and Gadgets

First, we’ll talk about connected car technology. What is it? What does it do? Then, we’ll talk about windows phones and their expansion with Nokia. And finally, we’ll talk about a new watch technology and some earbuds to go with them. Join us on this hour of Tech Tuesday on “All Sides.”

Tech Tuesday: Apps for Getting Fit, Consumer Electronics Show

One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions is the choice to get fit, be healthy or lose weight. Unfortunately, many people lose the drive after a few weeks… However, new applications are available to help keep you on track! Then, the Consumer Electronics Show is in Las Vegas. What are the hottest gadgets to show off this new year?