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US Foreign Policy Options in Ukraine

Ukraine has been in turmoil for a year. After protests, Russian president Putin sent troops into the Crimean peninsula and annexed it. Now the Ukrainian government faces a pro-Russian rebellion that has seized several cities. Multiple ceasefires have failed. On All Sides, we will discuss what further actions, if any, the US should take in Ukraine.

Idealism and Realism: America’s Foreign Policy

For two centuries, the U.S. balanced its expansionist ideologies with restraint born of realism. But that balance has tipped. This hour we’ll look at the foreign policy that helped the country emerge as a world power, and the costs of abandoning realist roots. Plus we’ll look at the future of American power in a world requiring adaptable leadership

Reaction to Osama Bin Laden’s Death

Discussion of Osama Bin Laden’s death with Richard Herrmann the Director of the Mershon Center for International Security Studies at Ohio State University.

Local and National Reaction to the Bombing of Libya

Hear local and national reaction to the U.S. bombing in Libya

Analysis of the Libyan Uprising

An analysis of the history and political context of the Libyan uprising

Democracy in Egypt / DRUMLine Live, the Musical

The prospects for democracy in Egypt; DRUMLine Live: a movie and now a musical.

Arms Reduction / Quran Burning

The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty ( “New START”) and nuclear threat reduction; and Muslim perspectives on the planned burning of the Quran.

Peace in Northern Ireland; Policy in Afghanistan

The peace process in Northern Ireland, and the U.S. policy in Afghanistan

U.S. Middle East Policy

U.S. policy toward Iran, ongoing protests, and human rights abuses in Iran, and how to achieve peace in the Middle East

Open Forum / Obama’s Plan in Afghanistan

Open forum, and President Obama’s plan to stabilize Afghanistan and defeat al-Qaida