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Oh, SNAP: Cuts to Food Assistance Benefits

On November 1, 850,000 Ohio households could find themselves with less to spend on food when SNAP loses some of its funding. In addition, House Republicans have proposed legislation shaving another $40 billion from the program. This hour we’ll talk about food assistance, get an update on the Farm Bill, and discuss how best to keep all Ohioans fed.

Live from the Public Health Farmers Market: The Farm Bill

We’re live at the 2013 Public Health Farmers Market, and what better location from which to discuss the Farm Bill? This year’s bill, which contains stripped-out nutrition programs and food stamp funding, has left many food banks wondering how they’ll fare. We’ll talk about what’s next for the nation’s farmers and those who rely on food assistance.

Avoiding the “Nuclear Option” with Ken Rudin

Even without secret tests in the desert, it looks like the Senate has narrowly avoided the “nuclear option–” a split along party lines that threatened to rewrite rules regarding approval of executive branch nominees. That’s just one topic on this hour’s All Sides. We’ll be joined by Ken Rudin, who will walk us through the latest news in Washington