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Tech Tuesday: Facebook IPO, Facebook Privacy and Gadgetry

On this hour of Tech Tuesday, we’ll talk about Facebook’s new IPO status as well as some new Consumer Reports concerns over its Privacy Policy. Then, we’ll talk about the latest gadgets on the market.

Tech Tuesday: Facebook and Instagram, eBooks Lawsuit, Gadgetry

Facebook bought Instagram. As the company’s largest acquisition yet, what does it mean for the future of Facebook? Then, the Justice Department has launched suits against major eBooks providers for price fixing. What will this mean in the future of prices for eBooks? Finally, we’ll discuss new ways to watch movies, Google’s Project Glass and more.

Tech Tuesday: Facebook Privacy, Supertooth Disco, Google Voice

Some employers are beginning to demand personal Facebook passwords from the applicants for their jobs, in order to even be considered as a candidate. Then, what is the Supertooth Disco? And finally, what is Google Voice and how do you use it to your advantage? Join the conversation on this hour of Tech Tuesday.

Tech Tuesday: Changes to Facebook

Facebook is always changing. The most recent changes, mostly to privacy settings, are getting mixed reviews. How do you feel about them? Later, we’ll talk about the best energy-saving light bulbs on the market.

Dangers of Internet Personalization, with Eli Pariser

Is the internet hiding something from you? An exploration of how personal preferences may play into internet search results.

Casino Deal/ Social Media Law Enforcement/ Consumers’ Counsel

A conversation with Columbus City Attorney, Richard Pfieffer. We’ll hear about the latest about the Columbus casino deal and how social media like Twitter and Facebook can convict wrongdoers in the city. Then, we’ll discuss the effects of cutting the budget for Ohio’s utility watchdog, the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel.

William Powers and Reconnecting With Everyday Life

Learn about disconnecting ourselves from our gadgets and reconnecting with everyday life

What is the ‘Facebook Effect’?

The history and future of the “Facebook Effect”

New Media and Journalism

The impact of new media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and the future of journalism

New Media Revolution Lost Causes

The impact of new media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and the future of journalism