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Ohio Reporter Roundtable

Last week state senator Eric Kearney pulled out of the race for Lt. Governor amid reports showing he owed over $1 million in back taxes. On this week’s reporter roundtable, our panel will discuss what this means for gubernatorial candidate Ed Fitzgerald, and the rest of the campaign. Plus, more on a law meant to protect furry, four-legged Ohioans.

Columbus School Levy: School Reform and Ballot Issues in Columbus

Election Day is approaching, and we’re taking a look at one controversial issue that will be on the ballot for Columbus voters. This hour we’ll discuss the Columbus schools levy, school reform and what it could mean for parents, teachers, students and citizens.

Presidential Hopefuls 2016: A Kasich White House?

A bit like Christmas, election season seems to come earlier every year. But recently there was news that Ohio governor John Kasich may throw his hat into the presidential ring. Some pundits think he’s got the blend of Conservative values and Liberal policies missing from the GOP. This hour we’ll get an early look at how the 2016 race is shaping up

Tech Tuesday: Social Media & Election; Computer Upgrades

How is social media being used by local campaigns to support or oppose issues? Also, what you’ll need to know if it’s time to upgrade your computer.

Election Reform… What You Need to Know

Join All Sides for a conversation with Ohio Secretary of State, Jon Husted, about election reform.

2010 Primary Election Coverage

Special coverage of the May 4 primary election

Ohio Third Frontier Program

State Issue 1, a proposed constitutional amendment to renew the Ohio Third Frontier Program to promote economic growth through high-tech research and business innovation

Chief Justice Thomas Moyer / Corporate Spending in Elections

Discussion about the late Thomas Moyer, and two points of view on the issue of corporations as “persons” deserving constitutional rights, and the constitutional basis for the ruling

Ohio Voting Procedures

Questions and answers about voting procedures

Proposed Property Tax Levy for Franklin County Children Services

State Issue #4: The proposed property tax levy for Franklin County Children Services