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Heroin Abuse in Ohio

Heroin use in Ohio has been declared a public health crisis by state lawmakers. The situation has prompted one county prosecutor to reach out to the addicts directly. This hour we’ll talk about the heroin problem in the state and have a discussion with the county prosecutor who is trying to help solve it.

Drug Education in Schools

Until recently, school kids in Colorado were taught that drugs are bad, in part, because they’re illegal. Then that state legalized marijuana. Even President Obama said pot isn’t more dangerous than alcohol. This hour we’ll talk about the changes in drug education in light of new drug laws, and mixed messages kids are receiving in and out of school

Wellness Wednesday: Sugar Detox, Overdose News, Digital Proxy

Sugar is sweet…until it makes you fat and ruins your complexion. This hour we’ll learn about a program to help detoxify the body and curb cravings. Then we’ll look at why prescription drug overdoses have skyrocketed in the last 10 years–especially among women. And we’ll discuss an online healthcare proxy platform helping with end-of-life plans.