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Wellness Wednesday: Birth Control, Reflux Cough, Nature Medicine

Chronic coughers may think they have asthma, but millions of Americans have a cough that doesn’t begin in the lungs– it begins in the gut. We’ll talk about silent airway reflux, its symptoms and how to stop it. We’ll also hear why doctors feel contraceptives are essential to wellness, and learn how mother nature is inspiring medical innovations.

Wellness Wednesday: Big Health Ideas, Cancer Tales, Domestic Abuse

Of the 1.5 million people diagnosed with cancer this year, many will lose their energy, their appetite and their hair, but not their sense of humor. We’ll hear funny healing narratives on living well with cancer and without hair. We’ll also talk about the MD’s response to domestic abuse, and about a local contest to improve patients’ lives.

Wellness Wednesday: Sugar Sabotage, CPR, Chronic Pain

If you learned CPR five years ago, you’ll remember a mouth-to-mouth breathing component. But guidelines continue to change, and CPR’s effectiveness remains to be proven. This hour we’ll talk about what to do when hearts stop. We’ll also learn about the chronic pain epidemic and how to wean ourselves off hidden sugars.

Wellness Wednesday: Virtual Slim Down, Hand Tremors, Safe Fitness

Reality is now mirroring virtual reality, and it’s keeping us healthier. A new study found that when avatars stayed slim, their gamers did, too. Then, hand tremors can be a symptom of serious and common illnesses. We’ll talk to a young inventor who’s helped create a solution. Last, we’ll learn the safe way to follow those extreme boot camp workouts

Wellness Wednesday: Brain Mapping, Asthma, Youth HIV/AIDS

This hour of Wellness Wednesday will feature the latest news on the BRAIN initiative, which will seek to map the circuits of the human brain. Then we’ll learn about the connections between asthma and what you eat. We’ll also commemorate the first National Youth HIV/AIDS Day, and hear from a young man living with HIV.

Wellness Wednesday: Ear Infections, Rare Diseases, Heart Health

In this edition of Wellness Wednesday we’ll look at the new guidelines for treating ear infections, explore a rare neurological illness called Batten Disease, and celebrate American Heart Month by learning about the latest advances in cardiovascular technology.