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Fiscal Cliff Scenario of the 1930s and its Relation to the Present

The landscape of U.S. history is riddled with peaks and valleys of prosperity and depression. And what the economic topography of the past shows us is that the current “fiscal cliff” is definitely not the first. Today, we’ll consider the fiscal cliff scenario of the 1930s and its relation to the present.

Girls Discover Their True Beauty/ Open Forum

We’ll talk about how young girls can learn to discover their own true beauty. Then, an open forum, where listeners set the agenda on local, national and global issues.

Ken Rudin, NPR Political Junkie, Talks Politics

There’s so much going on in the nation, from national debt ceiling negotiations, the retirement of Robert Gates, the reverbs from Ohio abortion legislation, Libya, Afghanistan and MORE, that we needed a show with Ken Rudin, NPR’s Political Junkie.