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Death Penalty Task Force

Under current Ohio law, aggravated burglary and kidnapping are potentially punishable by death. Ohio’s Death Penalty Task Force has spent two years reviewing the state’s capital punishment regulations, and it recently published recommendations based on its findings. We’ll discuss whether the report offers necessary reforms, or if it goes too far.

The Future of the Death Penalty

Last week convicted killer Dennis MCGuire was executed in Ohio using an untested cocktail of drugs. Witnesses say he struggled and gasped for breath for 10 minutes before he died. This hour we’ll examine the difficulty of finding drugs for use in executions, and discuss the reactions of some rights groups and legislators in the wake of this event.

Death Penalty In Ohio

With a decline in prosecutors recommending the death penalty in Ohio, the Ohio Supreme Court has created a commission to reevaluate the death penalty. On this hour of “All Sides,” we’ll review Death Penalty in Ohio with legal experts to determine if it is administered fairly across the state.