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Tech Tuesday: STEM, DIY Video Games, Dash Wand

Student scores in math and science have been falling in the US, and now rank behind Estonia and Hungary. But all is not lost. This hour tech expert David Pogue discusses how investment in STEM can boost America’s standings. We’ll also learn how serious gamers are embracing the DIY spirit, and we’ll see what’s new in Amazon’s gadget world.

Tech Tuesday: 3D Scanning, New App Round-up, Nintendo 2DS

So far, artificial limbs, functioning guns, musical instruments and even human stem cells have been recreated using 3D printing. Coming up, we’ll talk 3D scanning technology that could be in your home, we’ll hear about the latest and greatest apps, and we’ll find out what’s new with Nintendo.

Live Remote: Tech Tuesday- Wellness Edition

When it glues you to your chair for hours, technology can wreak a lot of health havoc, but we’re focusing on staying fit with help from gadgets. This Tech Tuesday, we’re broadcasting live from OSU’s Rally for Wellness! We’ll learn about apps that track your mood, and apps that make you move. Plus, we’ll get the latest in electronic fitness gear.

Tech Tuesday: Cyber Security, Apps and CES 2013

It’s time for Tech Tuesday… On this hour, we’ll give you some tips for protecting your cyber security, then we’ll talk about some new apps and gadgets for the new year.

Tech Tuesday: GPS Applications, Projection Mapping, Gadgetry

It’s another weekly segment of Tech Tuesday from All Sides. On this hour, we’ll talk about the difference between the various map applications for smartphones, a new ‘augmented reality’ for artists interested in technology, and Russell Holly will give us his weekly gadget rundown.

Tech Tuesday: Homework Apps, Local Startups and Cancer Treatments

The kids are back to school and there are apps they can use to manage the workload. Then, Ohio is home to a hundreds of early stage companies. We’ll talk about a few local startups and a local conference. And finally, we’ll talk with one doctor at OSU who is working on a special helmet that’s helping cancer patients tackle tumors.

Tech Tuesday: Presentations, Digital Publishing and Apps

On this hour, we’ll talk about the art of using powerful presentations in the digital age, new publishing formats for books and gadgetry.

Tech Tuesday: A Look at the Latest in Medical Technology

On this special edition of Tech Tuesday, we will broadcast live from The Ohio State University’s Rally for Wellness! Health Fair. We’ll talk about the health care technology, from exercise and other health-related apps for your smartphone, to pacemakers for the brain and more.

Tech Tuesday: Computer Bugs, Windows Phone 8, Marketing Inventions

What always goes wrong on your computer? Do you have a few problems that need professional help? We’ll have the Laptop Guy on for the first segment of this Tech Tuesday program. Then, what will the new Windows Phone 8 bring to mobile users? And finally, OSU is sponsoring an event on how to market your new apps and inventions.