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Winds of Change: Alternative Energy and the Rural Landscape

A daughter of famous parents, Alexis Wilson has decided to share her personal story of a “show-biz” upbringing, abandonment by her mother and her non-traditional family in the hope that it helps to positively alter people’s perceptions, encourage difference and inspire love. On this hour, we’ll talk with Wilson about her life and her new memoir.

Ohio’s Energy Present and Future

New legislation in Ohio is aiming to put a “freeze” on the state’s green energy standards. Today on the show we talk about that legislation and what it means for Ohio’s energy future.

Regulation for Ohio Public Utilities/Search for the Soul of Lebron

A series of articles in the Columbus Dispatch is sparking debate over Ohio’s regulation of public utilities… We’ll talk to the reporter. Then, Cleveland sports fans all over the world are angry at Lebron James… On this hour of “All Sides,” we’ll talk to Raab about his new book that chronicles his response to Lebron’s life.