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FitzGerald’s Campaign and the Governor’s Race

For a while it seemed like Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed Fitzgerald was going to give GOP incumbent John Kasich a run for his money. Now his campaign has begun to fall apart at the seams. This hour on All Sides with Ann Fisher we’ll take a look at what went wrong and why.

Job Creation and Higher Ed

Time was when a high school education could get an Ohioan a pretty good job in a factory, or working in a mine. But some point to the new “knowledge economy” as a sign we need to invest more in colleges and universities. Ohio’s job creation numbers are some of the lowest in the nation, and this hour we’ll discuss the link between jobs and higher ed

Compromise in the American Political System

With all of the talk over the looming fiscal cliff, this is a time where compromise is necessary for our government to function in the future. On this hour, we’ll talk about the history of compromise in America and take a look at the future of the necessary cooperation.

A Preview of the First Presidential Election Debate of 2012

Tonight will be the first Presidential Debate of this election season. The debate will cover domestic policy, including debate on the economy, health care and the role of government. On this hour, we’ll tell you what to expect from the candidates.

Philandering Politicians/ Issues Facing Boomer Women

Stories of political philandering are making headlines throughout the nation, from former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to former presidential candidate John Edwards. We’ll talk about how these stories change our perceptions of politicians and more.

Analysis and Opinion About Senate Bill 5

Analysis and opinion about the Ohio legislation – SB5 – to limit collective bargaining rights of public employees