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Tech Tuesday: “Connected Cars,” Consumer Technology and Gadgets

First, we’ll talk about connected car technology. What is it? What does it do? Then, we’ll talk about windows phones and their expansion with Nokia. And finally, we’ll talk about a new watch technology and some earbuds to go with them. Join us on this hour of Tech Tuesday on “All Sides.”

Tech Tuesday: Social Media and the Election, Gadgetry

Election season is here and candidates are using social media to advance their campaigns. But what are they doing? Then, we finish the hour discussing augmented reality. Are we one step closer to a virtual universe?

Proposed Consumer Financial Protections Agency

Proposed federal legislation to create a consumer financial protection agency

Eco-Friendly Companies and Greener Living

Companies producing eco-friendly products

Children’s Product Safety Concerns

The largest baby crib recall in U.S. history and consumer safety concerns about products designed specifically for children

Food Safety in the U.S.

Concerns about food safety in the U.S. as well as the national and local food production systems, and how consumers can protect themselves