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Washington Update with Tamara Keith

In this hour of All Sides, NPR’s Congressional Correspondent, Tamara Keith, fills us in on what the Hill is happening in Washington. We’ll discuss budgets, gridlock, the dreaded sequester and more…

Congressional Wrap-Up and To-Do List

Congress is back in session this week, but only this week because they’ll recess on Friday until after the November 6 election. What have they done this year? What needs to be done this week? On this hour, we’ll give you a Congressional wrap-up and to-do list.

Update on Ohio’s Redistricting/Mediation to Prevent Violence

In the first segment, will Ohio’s politicians ever come to a conclusion for Ohio’s Congressional districts? Then we talk to the people behind the documentary “The Interrupters,” the film that follows the preventative measures being taken in Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods to prevent street violence.

Congressional Redistricting in Ohio

It’s time for congressional redistricting and the Democrats and Republicans in the Ohio Congress are debating the lines. Guest host Mike Thompson speaks with political analysts to discuss the issues.

Redrawing Districts in Ohio

2011 is the year for redistricting. Today on “All Sides with Ann Fisher” we look at what shapes Ohio districts could take for current congressional seats…What does this re-drawing of districts mean for the voters in Ohio?

The Federal Government Faces a Shutdown

The federal government faces a possible shutdown after Friday April 8 unless Congress agrees to a budget compromise.

NPR’s Ken Rudin Discusses Libya and the Budget Battles in D.C.

NPR’s Political Junkie, Ken Rudin, discusses President Obama’s decision to bomb Libya, the continuing budget battles in Congress, and a possible shutdown of the federal government.

Viewpoints About Ohio’s Abortion Legislation

Two points of view about legislation about abortion introduced in the Ohio General Assembly; and the recent focus on abortion-related issues in Congress.

State of the Union Address Analysis

Analysis of President Obama’s State of the Union Address with OSU and OWU Political Science Professors.

Tucson Arizona Shooting

Coverage of the shooting near Tucson Arizona reported to be an assassination attempt on Representative Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona.