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Leadership in Columbus / Short North Art Galleries

This hour on All Sides we talk about leadership and one group that is making a difference… And later we talk about the Short North art galleries.

Election Reform… What You Need to Know

Join All Sides for a conversation with Ohio Secretary of State, Jon Husted, about election reform.

The 50th Annual Columbus Arts Festival

All Sides is broadcasting live today in the downtown Discovery District talking with the President of the Greater Columbus Arts Council, artists featured at the Festival, and more.

A Conversation with Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman

Today on All Sides, we’ll talk with Mayor Michael Coleman about where the city is going and how it’s going about getting there at a live remote broadcast from Columbus Arts Festival in the Discovery District.

Casino Deal/ Social Media Law Enforcement/ Consumers’ Counsel

A conversation with Columbus City Attorney, Richard Pfieffer. We’ll hear about the latest about the Columbus casino deal and how social media like Twitter and Facebook can convict wrongdoers in the city. Then, we’ll discuss the effects of cutting the budget for Ohio’s utility watchdog, the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel.

Dragon Boat Racing in Columbus

Racing down the Scioto River is now an option if you’re rowing something known as a dragon boat this Saturday. We’ll talk more about the upcoming Asian Festival, and then cut to special NPR Coverage of President Obama’s speech on the Middle East later today.

Mary Poppins: The Musical

Mary Poppins, the Disney musical, runs in Columbus until May 8th. We’ll learn more about the Tony award winning production with actors from the show.

For LGBTQ Youth, “It Gets Better”

Over eighty percent of LGBTQ students report being harassed at school. How do we openly address anti-gay bullying and challenge homophobia in our schools and culture?

Is Ohio “Cool” Enough?

Governor John Kasich says we’ve got to make Ohio “cool.” Do you think our state and city are “cool” enough?

The King-Lincoln Bronzeville District: Past, Present & Future

The King-Lincoln District was once the cultural and commercial heart of Columbus, Ohio, for African Americans. Learn about the past, present and future of this Columbus neighborhood.