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Mental Illness in Film / Pediatric Psychiatry Network

How people with mental illness and psychological disorders are portrayed in movies, and how the Pediatric Psychiatry Network helps primary care doctors recognize and manage common psychiatric disorders in young patients

Nurturing Intelligence

The science of how people develop intelligence.

‘Leave No Child INSIDE’

Why spending time in nature is essential to our health and well-being for children and adults

Kindergarten Readiness

The problem of young children not ready for kindergarten

Long-Term Mentoring

How long-term mentoring with a caring adult can transform lives of children

Childhood Obesity in the U.S. and Ohio

Childhood obesity in the U.S.

Adolescent Development and Religion

A recent news story about a Central Ohio Muslim teenager who ran away to Florida to escape parental authority, a deeper look at adolescent development, family dynamics, and religion in adolescence