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The “Parent Trigger” and Columbus Schools

One in 5 Columbus city schools qualifies for a parent takeover. This is according to the “parent trigger,” which allows parents to overhaul chronically under-performing schools–but only in Columbus. We’ll look into the origins of the measure and discuss what happens to students, teachers and administrators if parents decide it’s time for a change.

Ohio’s Charter School Oversights

Last Tuesday, a group of four former Horizon teachers testified for the State Board of Education. Accusations included manipulated attendance records, inappropriate sexual behavior and improper state test handling. Charter schools have more leeway to innovate, but critics worry that they aren’t being held accountable. We’ll learn more this hour.

The State of Charter Schools/Occupy Columbus

In this episode of “All Sides,” we’ll be talking about charter schools… Do they really work? Then, Have you heard of the Occupy Wall Street movement that’s taken New York by storm? It’s hitting Columbus now, too. Listen in as we discuss the frustration that lead to the movement, as well as the goals and future of the protest.

Charter Schools

Charter schools in Ohio.