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Reporter Roundtable: Statehouse Politics in the New Year

Join us for a Reporter Roundtable discussion looking forward at state politics in the coming year. We’ll consider the big agenda items Ohio is looking forward to in 2013.

Third Grade Reading/Remedial Reading Programs

Governor Kasich proposed a third grade reading guarantee, but it hasn’t been approved by the legislature. What are the supplemental and remedial programs for struggling readers now? What would be done differently if the third grade reading guarantee were in place?

Governor Kasich’s Tax and Education Policy Changes

Yesterday, Ohio Governor John Kasich released his Mid-Biennial Review as a vehicle for major policy change, everything from education to bank tax reform to an income tax cut and more. On this hour of “All Sides,” we’ll talk to a panel of statehouse reporters about the proposed changes.

Special Election Program: State Issues 3 & 1

Issue 3 could change the federal health care law for Ohioans. Is that what voters want? Also, state judges could work longer if Issue 1 is passed. What impact could that have? Both issues, one hour on this segment.

What About Mineral Rights?/ Budget Cuts for Nursing Homes in Ohio

Drilling in Ohio State Parks has been an issue brought to the table in state legislation, but what is the news about mineral rights? Then, we’ll discuss the effects of budget cuts for nursing homes in Ohio.

The Impact of Mental Health Budget Cuts

The impact of proposed state budget cuts on mental health services in Ohio

Ohio’s Mental Health System

The budget crisis facing Ohio mental health services.

Ohio Politics Update

The latest in Ohio politics

Cuts to Safety Net Programs

The impact of state budget cuts on safety-net programs for the poor, disabled, and mentally ill