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All Sides Weekend: Arts and Culture

In this hour, we take a look at a joint production of Terrence McNally’s Master Class, put together by CATCO and Opera Columbus. Also, we discuss the upcoming VOX ON THE ROCKS collaboration between the Columbus Gay Men’s Chorus and and the Columbus Jazz Orchestra.

The Arts and Social Change

Art doesn’t just sit on a wall, or dance on a stage, or evaporate into the ether. It has the power to make enormous societal improvements. This hour’s guests are an artist/homeless advocacy team who paired up to raise awareness and funding for a badly needed shelter. We’ll talk about the partnership and the power of practical creativity.

All Sides Weekend: Arts & Culture in Central Ohio

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, and summer is a busy time for central Ohio’s arts world! This hour, host Christopher Purdy clues us in on what the heart of the Buckeye state will offer up in the coming months. Whether you’re a jazz aficionado, a pop lover or a theater geek, there’s something for everyone.

Columbus Zoo Adventures and Jazzoo/ Open Forum

Is there anything special going on at the Columbus Zoo this summer? Join “All Sides” today to find out.