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Paring Down: Budget without Sacrifice

Anybody staring in at their post-holiday credit card bill knows it’s time to budget. This hour we’ll talk to a man who cut his family’s spending significantly, without wearing paper bags or eating out of a dumpster! We’ll learn how to decide what’s important, where you’re wasting your dough, and why 2014 could be your smartest financial year yet.

All Sides Open Forum

Today on All Sides we’re hosting an open forum, and there’s plenty to discuss: Governor Kasich recently signed a new $62 billion budget that promises a $2.6 billion tax cut, an 11% increase for K-12 education and greater restrictions on abortion. So, thumbs up? Thumbs down? What do you think?

Political Junkie Ken Rudin: Sequester, Hagel & more

If President Obama and members of Congress can’t reach a deal, $85 billion in spending cuts are set to begin unfolding on Friday. In this hour, we’ll wrap our heads around sequestration with NPR’s Political Junkie Ken Rudin.

Girls Discover Their True Beauty/ Open Forum

We’ll talk about how young girls can learn to discover their own true beauty. Then, an open forum, where listeners set the agenda on local, national and global issues.

Ohio’s Budget: What’s In It? What’s Been Cut?

At 7:56 p.m. last Thursday, Gov. John Kasich’s signature put Ohio’s new two-year budget into effect. What is in the final budget, and how it will shape the state for the next two years?

Ohio Cuts Budget for Smoking Cessation Hotline

2010 marked the greatest increase in Ohio’s adult smoking rate that the state’s seen in over a decade. Now, funding to certain cessation programs is being cut as well in the state. How will this continue to affect Ohio’s smoking rates?

Local Governments: Competing for Businesses and People

With hefty budget cuts, local governments are frequently left to fend for themselves. What are the implications of competition between local governments? Should they be competing at all?

President Obama’s Budget

We’ll discuss yesterday’s speech by President Obama concerning the budget and deficit reduction, with Ohio Wesleyan University Politics and Government Professor Joan McLean and Denison University Political Science Associate Professor Paul Djube.

Ohio’s Proposed Parent Trigger Act

Governor Kasich’s proposed budget includes an education reform provision giving parents the power to “trigger” changes in an underperforming school when at least 50% of parents sign a petition. Would this reform be effective?

Government Shutdown/Identifying and Attracting Backyard Birds

What’s next in Washington after congressional leaders avert a government shutdown? and learn about identifying and attracting backyard birds with author/Bird Watcher’s Digest Editor Bill Thompson III.