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Safe and Proud: A Look at Anti-Gay Violence

Columbus has experienced a string of attacks targeting gay men in the last two weeks. The assaults and robberies occurred just as the city gears up for its 2013 Pride Festival, and allies say hate crimes are more common than reported. This hour, we’ll take a look at this disturbing trend, and hear from advocates about what they’re doing to help.

Future of Transportation Funding in Ohio and the Nation

Congress, among rising gas prices and transportation funding declines, has been unable to pass a 5 or 6 year Federal Transportation Bill that could open up more options. How is the lack of a long-term bill having an impact? Guest host Stu Nicholson will discuss this and more on this hour of “All Sides.”

Ohio Casino Regulation / Interview with Bob Gibbs

Regulating Ohio’s four future casinos, and a conversation with Congressman-elect Bob Gibbs (18th District).

State Budget / Columbus Charter Review Committee Chair

Proposals to deal with Ohio’s state budget deficit, and a proposal for the Columbus City Council to meet behind closed doors

2010 Primary Election Coverage

Special coverage of the May 4 primary election