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Tech Tuesday: Google Fiber, Crypto-Currency, Gadgets

Google Fiber wants to bring low-cost, high-speed internet to certain cities around the US. But many local governments are racing to install fiber-optic networks themselves, ahead of the tech giant. We’ll get an update this hour. We’ll also discuss the rise of many crypto-currencies that are gaining legitimacy, and get the latest in gadgetry.

Tech Tuesday: Online Black Markets, Futurism, Gadgets

Oh, what will become of us? Futurist magazine recently chose its 10 most important global predictions, and if you like passenger pigeons and global warming, you’re in luck. This hour we’ll get the rest of the list. We’ll also learn about the shutdown of Silk Road, an infamous online black market, and discuss the newest trends in gadgetry.

Tech Tuesday: Bitcoin Regulations, Internet As Brain, Gadgets

If the brain had a motto, it might be: Use it or lose it. Connections that aren’t relevant fall away to make room for new ones. But dead links on the internet just slow things down. This hour, we’ll look at improving the quality, not quantity, of the web. We’ll also learn about an effort to regulate Bitcoin, and we’ll get the latest in gadgetry.

Tech Tuesday: Internet-Free Living, Bitcoin, Gadgets

In this hour we’ll talk with a journalist who spent a year offline about navigating by map, reading paper books, and the web-free life that delighted and disappointed him. Then we’ll get the lowdown on Bitcoin, the digital currency whose creators want to revolutionize global finance. Finally, our Gadget Guru shares his latest picks.