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The Economics of Central Ohio’s Baby Boom

Last year residents of Franklin County made over 18,000 babies– far more than any other county in Ohio. Is it something in the water? Probably not. This hour we’ll talk about what an influx of youth means for the economics of the region. Plus we’ll learn why migration away from a city does not signal its demise, and why talent might be the new oil

Economic Forecast for 2013

Economic forecasters are in debate over the forecast for 2013; some say it’s good news while others say it’s bad. On this hour, we’ll talk about the national and local economic forecast for 2013 with a few economy buffs.

Reinventing the American Local Economy

Where have the jobs gone, not in the last few years but over the course of the last few decades? More importantly, where will the new jobs come from? Now there’s a new documentary film about the local economy movement, in which job creators grow their businesses within the local economy.

Columbus Economic Forecast for the New Year

Regionomics, LCC released its annual Economic Forecast today that shows the Columbus economy continuing on a slow path to recovery. What is in store for the area’s economy during the new year?

Campus Crime/Columbus Poverty Rates

OSU Police Chief joins us to talk about crime on college campuses. Then, the Columbus metropolitan area has the highest poverty rate compared to similar metropolitan areas in the United States. But why? We’ll discuss Columbus poverty with local experts on this hour of “All Sides.”

President Obama’s Jobs Speech and Ohio Economy/Fatherhood Summit

This hour we’ll spend the first two segments talking about President Obama’s Jobs Speech and how it specifically pertains to Ohio’s economy, with former Columbus Chamber of Commerce economic analyst, Bill Lafayette, and Assistant Professor of Urban Studies at Cleveland State, Joel Elvery.

Economic Conditions in Columbus

The Columbus economy and business conditions in Central Ohio

Central Ohio’s Economy

Our central Ohio economy – the good, the bad, and the ugly