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All Sides Weekend: Arts

This hour on All Sides Weekend we’ll get an update on the best of the arts in Columbus. We’ll hear about what’s hot, and what’s sure to keep you warm this season.

All Sides Weekend: Arts!

In this hour of All Sides Weekend, host Christopher Purdy will fill us in on what’s going on in the Columbus arts world. From fun events this weekend, to must-see upcoming productions, we’ll learn what not to miss in Buckeye City.

All Sides Weekend: Arts in Central Ohio

On this hour of All Sides, Classical 101 Host Christopher Purdy will host a panel to talk about the arts in central Ohio.

Jobs Bill and GOP Response/Economics of Independent Film

During the first segment of the first hour, we’ll talk to Congressman Steve Stivers about President Obama’s Jobs Bill and Ohio’s Congressional Redistricting. Independent low-budget filmmaking has always survived on the margins, but now the economics of film production and distribution are more challenging than ever before.

All Sides Weekend/the arts

Discussion about arts and culture in Central Ohio.

Cast of ‘Wicked’

Broadway show tours, including the record-breaking tour of Wicked

New Approaches to Funding the Arts

New resources and new approaches to arts funding in Central Ohio