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Tech Tuesday: Vine Celebs, Digital Age Families, Gadgets

On average, kids are spending more than 7 hours a day on electronic devices. This means more access to social media, and knowledge, but one author says good parenting starts without technology. We’ll discuss how to build relationships in the digital age this hour. We’ll also hear about the new web celebrities on Vine, and get latest in gadgetry.

Tech Tuesday: Online Evangelism, Net Future Predictions,Gadgets

Mormon missionaries have a history of traveling globally to do their work. But they’ve started embracing a method that doesn’t involve leaving home: online evangelism. We’ll talk about how Mormons are using the internet to expand their faith. We’ll also discuss Americans’ attitudes toward the future of technology, and get the latest in gadgetry.

Tech Tuesday: Video Game Girlfriends, Productivity Apps, Gadgets

The recent movie “Her” depicts a relationship between a man and the friendly female voice of an operating system. This hour we’ll talk about a growing real-life trend of video game-generated girlfriends. We’ll also review the latest apps designed to boost productivity, and find out what’s new in the world of gadgets.

Tech Tuesday: Social Media Monitoring, Self-Driving Cars, iPhone

Most school officials would do anything to stop cyber bullying, but how far is too far? This hour we’ll look at a California district using a tech company to monitor students’ social media activity. And we’ll examine the scariest part of a self-driving car: When a human takes over. Plus it’s new gadget info on the iPhone 5 and more.

Tech Tuesday: Dating App, Digital Giving, 3-D Printed Duck Foot

Fear not, friends: Buttercup the duck is waddling again! This hour we’ll discuss a 3-D printing success story, which restored motility to a lame duck. We’ll also learn about a new casual dating app that allows for instant matches based on attraction, and instant meetings based on availability, and hear about a new trend in digital philanthropy.

Tech Tuesday: Emoticons, Medical Cyber-Attacks, Gadgets

Conveying complex emotions digitally is now easier than ever with the help of emoji– intricate Japanese emoticons. They’re doing a booming business, but are they just a brighter shade of obnoxious? This hour’s Tech Tuesday investigates. Then we’ll learn about the risks of cyber-hacking on medical devices, and check in with our gadget guru.

Tech Tuesday: Click to Pray, Kids’ Apps, Gadgets

Mega pastor Joel Osteen preaches on television, through his best-selling books, and now he’s saving souls on Twitter. This hour, we’ll examine the ways social media is changing the (inter-) face of Christianity. Then we’ll learn about the latest apps for kids, including interactive folktales. Last, our gadget guru will highlight his latest findings