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Sunday Casseroles with Betty Rosbottom

Comfort, thy name is casserole. Maybe it’s the warmth of the oven or the communal spirit of one-dish meals, but it’s hard to find a more fitting fall favorite. We’ll talk about sea scallops nestled in piperade, shrimp and lime rice, and creamy baked risotto with butternut squash. You’ll get lots of mouthwatering recipes for the perfect comfort food

A Year’s Worth of Delicious Sunday Roasts

With an earthy sensibility that celebrates quality ingredients, author Betty Rosbottom has written a new book that pairs the special an herb rub, a tapenade, a twist of citrus with the primal: a substantial cut of meat. Rosbottom will join Ann on this hour of “All Sides” to talk about the book and the recipes inside.